Mar 16 2009

Asterisk 安装笔记(4)- 从程序发起呼出的几种方法

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Automated dial out

The Asterisk dial plan extensions.conf responds to someone calling an extension on a channel. If you want to initiate a call from an external application, there are several ways to do this.

There are basically four ways to initiate outgoing calls in Asterisk

  • Use .call files. A call file is a text file that when placed in the correct directory makes Asterisk make an outgoing call.
  • Use the manager API to activate a call. See Asterisk manager dialout
  • Use the Asterisk CLI originate command
  • FollowMe command of Asterisk 1.4: Since this has the abitility to fork (create multiple calls) it could be ‘misused’ to initiate outgoing calls.

See also additional Digium documents.

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