Sep 23 2008


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Supported X-Fi’s: XtremeAudio PCI (SB0790/SB0792), XtremeAudio PCI-Express (SB0820/SB1040), XtremeMusic (SB0460/SB0463/SB0464/SB0465), Platinum (SB0460), XtremeGamer Fatal1ty Professional (SB046A), XtremeGamer Fatal1ty FPS (SB0466), Fatal1ty Platinum (SB0468/SB0469), Platinum Fatal1ty Champion (SB046A), Elite Pro (SB0550/SB055A), and Auzentech X-Fi Prelude

Unsupported X-Fi’s: X-Fi notebook (SB0710/SB0711), half height XtremeGamer (SB0730/SB073A), and X-Fi Model # SB0770 (pictures of SB0770: 1, 2, and 3).

The X-Fi’s (from xtrememusic to fatal1ty) sound quality is held back mainly by poor choice in op-amps, specifically, the use of mediocre JRE NJM4556 on the Front Left/Right, and cheap STL on the rear/surround/center/sub. Even the X-Fi Elite Pro suffers, utilizing a JRE NJM2114, and JRE NJM2068’s. The High-end Auzentech Prelude and Xonar D2 / D2X cards have a LM4562 on their front channels (and is also socketable on the Prelude, allowing use of the higher quality “metal can” TO-99 style op-amp), but unfortunately, like Creative’s X-Fi’s, utilizes inferior opamps on their surround channels.

The LM4562 op-amp is a great all around op-amp, however I also have Analog Devices AD8599 at an additional $2 per op-amp.
LM4562: cold and smooth, great bass impact
AD8599: warm and exciting, very accurate

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