Mar 02 2006


Category: Gamesssmax @ 21:12:47

1.WoW is not fun anymore
2.bored of 24 hours of honorly task
3.sick of infinite repetetion of dungeon raid
4.i was sad watching my friends leaving one at a time im sick of crying out ‘ EE’ all lonely for the friends who had left
6.I wanna leave WOW and rest in peace

1 wow再也不有趣了
2 每天24小时就为这荣誉真的很无聊
3 无尽的Raid让人疲惫
4 看到我的朋友们离开WOW.我真的好难过
5 当我孤独的喊着”EE”的时候我好伤心..朋友们都走了
6 我要永远离开WOW..平静的生活

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