Aug 16 2011

squid 的header/body编辑功能

Category: 技术ssmax @ 20:14:34


类型 更改请求Request 更改响应Response
头Header 内容Body 头Header 内容Body
ICAP yes yes yes yes
Client Streams     yes yes
eCAP yes yes yes yes
ACLs yes   del  
code hacks yes yes yes yes


Evaluation Criteria Mechanisms in rough order from “best” to “worst”
Squid independence(独立性,不依赖) ICAP, eCAP, ACLs, Client Streams, code hacks
Processing speed(处理速度) eCAP or Client Streams or ACLs or code hacks, ICAP
Development effort (header adaptation)开发难度(头Header处理) ACLs, code hacks, Client Streams, eCAP, ICAP
Development effort (content adaptation)开发难度(内容Body处理) eCAP, ICAP, Client Streams, code hacks
Versatility(功能支持) code hacks, eCAP, ICAP, Client Streams, ACLs
Maintenance overheads(维护开销) ACLs, eCAP, ICAP, Client Streams, code hacks

总体来说,用squid 3.1之后自带的ECAP支持比较方便,功能也比较强悍,具体研究一下才清楚,呵呵。


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