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记住,http协议能让人提交,就不能防止别人用同样的http协议提交,因为http协议是没有验证和数据持续的东西的,所有东西都是通过request header、body来传送,只要我能写程序,分析你的http响应,然后做到和平常人的提交一模一样,你是没有办法禁止的,就算使用了图片验证码,我也可以取得图片来分析,得出验证码提交,这就是为什么现在图片验证码要很多干扰线、gif动态,为的就是防止ocr分析,只是数字的ocr识别率是很高的,也很容易做(用java,做过一个),所以我们要干扰干扰干扰~~~~

Jan 06 2006


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Jury Compromise

Time Limit:1000MS  Memory Limit:10000K
Total Submit:987 Accepted:246 Special Judged

In Frobnia, a far-away country, the verdicts in court trials are determined by a jury consisting of members of the general public. Every time a trial is set to begin, a jury has to be selected, which is done as follows. First, several people are drawn randomly from the public. For each person in this pool, defence and prosecution assign a grade from 0 to 20 indicating their preference for this person. 0 means total dislike, 20 on the other hand means that this person is considered ideally suited for the jury.
Based on the grades of the two parties, the judge selects the jury. In order to ensure a fair trial, the tendencies of the jury to favour either defence or prosecution should be as balanced as possible. The jury therefore has to be chosen in a way that is satisfactory to both parties.
We will now make this more precise: given a pool of n potential jurors and two values di (the defence’s value) and pi (the prosecution’s value) for each potential juror i, you are to select a jury of m persons. If J is a subset of {1,…, n} with m elements, then D(J ) = sum(dk) k belong to J
and P(J) = sum(pk) k belong to J are the total values of this jury for defence and prosecution.
For an optimal jury J , the value |D(J) – P(J)| must be minimal. If there are several jurys with minimal |D(J) – P(J)|, one which maximizes D(J) + P(J) should be selected since the jury should be as ideal as possible for both parties.
You are to write a program that implements this jury selection process and chooses an optimal jury given a set of candidates.

The input file contains several jury selection rounds. Each round starts with a line containing two integers n and m. n is the number of candidates and m the number of jury members.
These values will satisfy 1<=n<=200, 1<=m<=20 and of course m<=n. The following n lines contain the two integers pi and di for i = 1,...,n. A blank line separates each round from the next. The file ends with a round that has n = m = 0. Output For each round output a line containing the number of the jury selection round ('Jury #1', 'Jury #2', etc.). On the next line print the values D(J ) and P (J ) of your jury as shown below and on another line print the numbers of the m chosen candidates in ascending order. Output a blank before each individual candidate number. Output an empty line after each test case. Sample Input 4 2 1 2 2 3 4 1 6 2 0 0 Sample Output Jury #1 Best jury has value 6 for prosecution and value 4 for defence:  2 3 Hint If your solution is based on an inefficient algorithm, it may not execute in the allotted time. Source Southwestern European Regional Contest 1996